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The Mission of Donnelly Leadership is to provide you with proven winning edge skills to change, grow, and compete as a successful 21st Century Leader. We personalize our work together and provide the tools for you to be the best of the best; we do this with competence, integrity, and joy.

Don’t go it alone—change and grow!
At no other time in history has the pace of change been this fast and this critical. Increasing demands require new leadership tools for the change and growth required in the 21st century. Many talented people have the desire to change and grow but fear often leads to paralysis and feeling overwhelmed.

We recognize you already have strong leadership tools. Working with us you will easily learn new proven action oriented skills needed for motivating yourself and others to quickly embrace not resist change. The results will be more energy and less stress as you safely navigate through new challenges.

No need to go it alone when you are welcomed into our network of leaders throughout North America and the Caribbean. A community of leaders sharing experiences provides a sounding board for success and helps you become one of the best of the best. .

We have a 25 year track record of successfully helping leaders in small businesses, large corporations, family businesses, education, non-profits, and volunteer organizations. Some have shared their successes in testimonials.

Recent Testimonials


“Working with Camille Donnelly was the best professional decision I ever made. Being "Small Business Person of the Year" did not improve my skills, and seminars--even Peter Drucker's CEO Roundtable-- did not tell me what I didn't want to hear. Working with Dr. Camille Donnelly accomplished both skill building and self-awareness. “
       …Gail L. Hering, CEO (Retired)

“Dr. Camille Donnelly presented “Ready or Not, you’re leading the change” to our trade association meeting of financial industry professionals. The feedback we received from the group categorized Camille as a captivating and compelling speaker presenting the topic of coping with and managing change in a relevant and practical way. Feedback forms also indicated the audience left with tools they felt they could use to implement change effectively and smoothly in their organizations.”
       … Alabama Credit Union League

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