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“Great leadership is not limited by gender; it is limited by opportunity.”

…Molly Corbett Broad

We give you the opportunity to connect

Being bold and innovative can sometimes feel lonely. Rather than feeling solo join with other wise women to forge alliances and opportunities. Recognizing that occasionally women like connecting and learning with other women. we provide a secure setting for growing and creating new opportunities while learning critical new skills for 21st century leadership .

Do men and women both need these skills?  Absolutely!!! There are many venues for women and men to learn together, and you, no doubt, have experienced wonderful opportunities in traditional learning environments.  We, however, provide a unique experience for skill building, forging alliances, and  supportive opportunities for emergent and seasoned women leaders. 

What you will share and learn:

  • Transformative new leadership styles and  competencies
  • How to attract a valuable mentor and tame a tormentor.
  • Maximizing your strengths
  • Building blocks for changing unwanted perceptions
  • Solving conflict  before having an emotional hijack
  • Proven success strategies for motivating and inspiring others to change and grow

How we learn together:

  • Five four hour group sessions(8-12 participants)each followed by a social hour
  • Four private sessions with Dr. Camille Donnelly created for your individualized learning
  • Access to a restricted blog for additional sharing and updating
  • Shared wisdom from accomplished Wise Audacious Women Leaders

Private sessions available



“Dr Camille Donnelly is a creative, inspiring, and knowledgeable leadership development professional.  Her coaching helped me to gain the confidence and skills I needed for the next phase of my career.  She combines practical experience with knowledge of the most current research to offer her clients real world applications that really make a difference. I would highly recommend Camille to anyone looking to take their leadership skills or their team’s skills to the next level.”

…Diane Timmer, HR Manager, Herman Miller, Inc.

"As a facilitator/coach in our West Michigan Inforum Center for Leadership Executive Leadership for Women program, Camille helps emergent women leaders gain new critical skills for career advancement.  Her modeling of the skills so needed in today’s work environment is inspiring and helps leaders move from knowledge to behavior change in the work setting. Participants especially appreciate her intuition, focus, and proposed actions during individual coaching sessions.  Camille’s positive, joyful approach makes learning easier and results in stronger outcomes.”

……Judith A. Welch
Vice President West Michigan Region
Inforum & Inforum Center for Leadership


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