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“Dr Donnelly proved to be a dynamic, captivating speaker who was very well received by our membership.  Camille has the two attributers necessary for effective speaking---clear knowledge of the subject matter and a pleasing delivery style.  However, she went beyond these basics into the ‘surprise and delight’ qualities of motivational and inspirational abilities; she received the highest ratings on our attendee evaluation.”

…American Society for Quality Control, MI

“Camille is an enthusiastic and energetic speaker.  She engages the audience in her presentation and delivers her timely message with a warm and witty style. The participants found that her perspective on change and leadership was applicable immediately in educational settings.  Camille was able to apply recent trends form the corporate world to education.  This is a particularly valuable asset given the current trend of cooperation between the worlds of business and education.”

…Great Lakes Conference for Educators

“All action steps can be used at my credit union or any credit union of any size”

…participant, Alabama Credit Union League

“Participants have a better grasp of change and how to make it work for them.  Camille knows how to challenge participants to get them to think of what they can do”

… General Motors/UAW project

"Working with Camille Donnelly was the best professional decision I ever made. Being "Small Business Person of the Year" did not improve my skills, and seminars--even Peter Drucker's CEO Roundtable-- did not tell me what I didn't want to hear. Working with Dr. Camille Donnelly accomplished both skill building and self-awareness.
I worked privately with Camille for one year; then under contract for a second year, she worked with our senior management staff.  Under Camille's guidance I gained insight into my strengths and weaknesses as a CEO, a person, and a professional.  Camille helped me find what I needed to know, not what I wanted to hear.
Camille is not a consultant. She is a combination of confidante, mentor,  and dedicated four-star general: she's there when you need her, and when you think you don't.  She has an uncanny ability to expose your professional self, stripped of illusions, delusions, and wishful thinking. She is funny, kind, and direct.  She does not waste your time. Working with Camille Donnelly is a safe, challenging, demanding experience: she will not be misled or accept less than your best. Your bonus is that the knowledge gained is good for a lifetime."
Gail L. Hering, CEO(Retired)
Atmosphere Processing, Inc.

"As a facilitator/coach in our West Michigan Inforum Center for Leadership Executive Leadership for Women program, Camille helps emergent women leaders gain new critical skills for career advancement.  Her modeling of the skills so needed in today’s work environment is inspiring and helps leaders move from knowledge to behavior change in the work setting. Participants especially appreciate her intuition, focus, and proposed actions during individual coaching sessions.  Camille’s positive, joyful approach makes learning easier and results in stronger outcomes."

……Judith A. Welch
Vice President West Michigan Region
Inforum & Inforum Center for Leadership

“Dr. Camille Donnelly presented “Ready or Not, you’re leading the change” to our trade association meeting of financial industry professionals.  The feedback we received from the group categorized Camille as a captivating and compelling speaker presenting the topic of coping with and managing change in a relevant and practical way.  Feedback forms also indicated the audience left with tools they felt they could use to implement change effectively and smoothly in their organizations.”

… Alabama Credit Union League

“Dr Camille Donnelly is a creative, inspiring, and knowledgeable leadership development professional.  Her coaching helped me to gain the confidence and skills I needed for the next phase of my career.  She combines practical experience with knowledge of the most current research to offer her clients real world applications that really make a difference. I would highly recommend Camille to anyone looking to take their leadership skills or their team’s skills to the next level.”

…Diane Timmer, HR Manager, Herman Miller, Inc.

“Camille is able to bring out information from each person whether they are quiet and unassuming or extremely vocal.  She can keep a group focused and productive.”

…Jerry Chaffin, UAW-GM

“Camille brings people into the middle from both sides of a situation to try and form a unified decision or a mutual consensus.”

…L.L Spice  

“The Service Station Dealers Association of Michigan owes a lot to Dr. Camille Donnelly, and to our member who recommended her.  Camille was a keynote speaker and group facilitator at our Annual Convention.  Our members are small business owners who want answers and solutions fast…Her hard work and flexibility showed through a presentation that was tailored to our members and their unique needs...  I gladly recommend Camille to any group seeking new ways to communicate and achieve more from a leadership role.”

…Amy Johnston, Service Station Dealers Association

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