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Having it all: a thriving business and family harmony

What do you have in common with the award winning NASCAR, Biltmore Estates, and Harley Davidson Motorcycles? You, too, are a successful family business and are contributing to the economic growth of the nation.

Your dream of having family members work in the business is now a reality and you thought you could relax and savor the joy that comes with knowing your business will remain vital and alive for at least another generation. But the economic freefall has created uncertainty creating pressure on you to make some critical decisions. With only 6% of family businesses surviving to the third generation, you need new tools for leaving a business legacy.

“Is it just good genes that make some family businesses thrive and multigenerational?”

NO, it’s simple…they don’t go it alone!

Just as you hire accountants and attorneys to keep your business thriving, successful, smart family businesses hire Donnelly Leadership to safely guide the family dynamics in family meetings, succession planning, role identity, and strategic planning and learn new skills for being a stronger player in this new economy.

Benefits to improving family business dynamics:

  • A trusted profession with years of family business experience guides tough but necessary discussions
  • Time is spent achieving clear business results not settling family conflict
  • Family members have clear roles and goals working together
  • Family meetings allow for frank discussions without emotional outbursts
  • Family members enjoy both a thriving business and a healthy family
  • Building block foundations prepare for future generations

Why choose us:

Dr. Camille Donnelly, owner of Donnelly Leadership, is a founding member of the West Michigan Family Business Council that is now the successful Family Business Alliance. She facilitates a CEO Family Business Roundtable providing a safe, productive sounding board for discussing issues critical to family businesses. Camille earned her PhD from Michigan State University,as well as an M.A. in Family Systems. When asked why it’s important to engage a family systems expert with years of experience as an entrepreneur, Camille often answers: “It is my role to acknowledge and tame the invisible gorilla that attended all the family gatherings, remembers all the family hurts, secrets, jealousies, and now sits unnoticed in the middle of the room—present but unacknowledged at every meeting. The CEO should focus on the business. It is my job to tame that invisible gorilla so that the family and the business both thrive and grow in a healthy environment.”



“As a third generation business we know the best business practices for longevity and success but needed help in facilitating communication among family shareholders. Camille’s skill in helping multi-generations come to consensus in planning our future was invaluable.  Her ability to gently but firmly tame the 100 ton invisible gorilla that sits on the table at every gathering, allowed us to move beyond past hurts and calmly discuss critical issues needed for consensus in the business.  Her knowledge of family dynamics combined with knowledge of current business practices gave our shareholders the edge for needed change. “

Jay Dunwell, CEO
Wolverine Coil Spring, Inc.
Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award Winner   


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