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Why choose us:

You are interested in who we are and what we do; you want to know if we can help you be a more effective leader. That depends on your interest in changing and growing. If you are satisfied in your present comfort zone, we can’t help. If, however, you recognize you are a good leader, but the demands of 21st century leadership require adding new skills, then we can motivate and give you new tools to be the best of the best.

Dr. Camille Donnelly is the creator of cutting edge leadership research, and a leader herself with over thirty years of practical experience in the trenches. An entrepreneur since 1984, she knows what it’s like to feel solo and reach for opportunities to connect and grow. Camille successfully helps leaders in business, family business, education, non-profits, community organizations, and international agencies throughout North America and the Caribbean. Working with an international network of successful, practical leaders, Camille is valued for her insight, honesty, kind determination, and accountability for success.

Instead of our telling you how great we are, we invite you to explore this website, read our testimonials and client page, then write or phone us today.



“Dr Camille Donnelly is a creative, inspiring, and knowledgeable leadership development professional. Her coaching helped me to gain the confidence and skills I needed for the next phase of my career. She combines practical experience with knowledge of the most current research to offer her clients real world applications that really make a difference. I would highly recommend Camille to anyone looking to take their leadership skills or their team’s skills to the next level.”
       …Diane Timmer, HR Manager,
       Herman Miller, Inc.

“All action steps can be used at my credit union or any credit union of any size”
        …participant, Alabama Credit
       Union League

“Camille is able to bring out information from each person whether they are quiet and unassuming or extremely vocal. She can keep a group focused and productive.”
        …participant UAW-GM


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